Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Natural coalitions finally starting to evolve

The Washington Post today reported that environmental groups are finally starting to realize that they have a lot in common with outdoor recreation enthusiasts in much of the US:


I have never understood why environmental groups have ignored this natural common interest. My guess is that the typical Sierra Club member just can't imagine that he has anything in common with someone who belongs to the National Rifle Association. As a result, we now have the most anti-environment President in many decades. Note that even some Republicans in the mountain states are having second thoughts on Bush's develop-energy-at-any-cost policies.

Meanwhile, David Kinghoffer shows cluelessness in yet another area, associating some kinds of environmental concern with godlessness:


Does Mr. Kinghoffer really think that the Rabbinical Council of America is in bed with atheists when they call for reduced oil consumption in part because of the threat of climate change?


Or in their call for environmental education:


What does he think of the Orthodox Jewish organization Canfei Nesharim?


Or the Israeli Shomera organization


Which has developed curricula for charedi schools


Mr. Kinghoffer works with evangelical Christians; he must know about Sir John Houghton, described as a "senior scientist who is also a devout Christian":


Evangelical Christian leaders indeed see that the problem is real:


There are plenty of reasons to blast secularists. Concern for the environment is not one of them; it is a biblical value in both Christianity and Judaism. And when even secular environmentalists teach that there are things more important than the pursuit of material wealth at all cost, it is one that we can agree with even though we may disagree with how they got there.


Blogger swurgle said...

Can you please elaborate on the plenty of reasons to blast secularists...

7/26/2006 9:54 AM  
Blogger Jewish Atheist said...

The tide is turning (unfortunately choice of words, I guess) on this issue.

Maybe the silver lining of the Bush Administration's awfulness is that people are becoming more skeptical in general of "conservative" misinformation. They lie about every area of science that relates to politics, and I think this issue might wake people up to that fact.

7/26/2006 12:31 PM  
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