Tuesday, August 08, 2006

One Advantage Of Big Government Conservativism

Many conservatives (especially the ones on this blog) decry the expansion of the federal government under the Bush administration. From No Child Left Behind to Ashcroft attempting to use drug laws to override a democratic decision by a state to allow physician assisted suicide, the Bush administration's (and the Republican Congress') greatest flaw has been the massive increase in nonmilitary spending.

But perhaps one big benefit of this policy has been the shift on the left towards federalism. Since Bush's policies are anathema to the left, they are pushing for more state decision making on many issues, especially the marriage realm. John Kerry and most of the Democratic contenders for President in 2004 supported allowing each state to decide marriage policy and therefore whether to marry same-sex couples. A forceful argument proffered by liberals against the Federal Marriage Amendment is that it would impinge on the states' right to decide marriage policy for itself. Listening to Barney Frank speak of state's rights is bewildering and something we could not have possibly expected ten years ago.

Another example is the push by some for a more progressive federalism, a federalism that would deny the government plenary power on all matters. Conservatives have been supporting that for years, and the Rehnquist Court's revival was seen as a triumph (although the "federalist revolution" was scaled back the last few years). Liberals (although not all) always opposed state's rights because the federal government was a better mechanism for achieving their political goals and because the concept was usually supported by racists and bigots who wished to use the Constitution in service of their nefarious goals. Now that the federal government opposes liberal policies, it makes sense that they would shift away from a strong centralized government to one that affords states greater power.

Is the liberal push for federalism merely a tool to push forth their political goals or is the sift more ideological? Liberals argue that their ideology is pragmatic, which would imply that their support for a central government was not ideological. Conservatives, on the other hand, are ideological and support federalism as an end in and of itself (amazingly the Constitution does the same thing). So would a shift by liberals merely mean that pragmatically they've recognized that federalism is a better means to their ends, or does it portend a shift in liberal ideology? Because if it's the latter than all the crazy spending that has characterized the Bush administration is worth it.

(Sources taken from Ilya Somin: Gonzalez v. Raich and the Future of Federalism)


Blogger Jewish Atheist said...

You can't really say anything about which groups support federalism without turning to a "no true scotsman" fallacy. Republicans haven't supported it when it goes against their policy aims (e.g. the drug war and the politics of sex) and Democrats have supported it when it coincides with their policy aims (as you mentioned.) You want to hold up some group called "conservatives" as idealogically in favor of federalism, but if that group exists, it consists of a few libertarian-leaning intellectuals and hardly anybody else. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a significant chunk of the electorate which would hold fast to the ideal of federalism when it goes against their wishes.

But, yeah, abuse of government by the ruling party will always make the opposition party want to restrict government's rights. That's pretty obvious. But I think you're stretching pretty far to see a silver lining in this mess. :-)

8/08/2006 11:23 PM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

I'm with JA on this... both sides seem to be against federalism when it is to their advantage; however, I think conservatives are a bit more consistent about it. Interestingly, a liberal we ate at today was all for states' rights, in all cases - agreeing that states should have the right to ban marriages in their own states and not recognize other states. He also advocated getting rid of marriage from a governmental standpoint, period, which was interesting - civil unions for government purposes, marriages are for religions and individuals to decide on their own. It was an interesting point to say the least.

8/13/2006 3:26 AM  
Blogger Nephtuli said...

I don't deny that conservatives are perhaps less than faithful to federalism once they acheive power in government. But I do think we're more likely to see conservatives who support state's rights than liberals. And it's more than just a few academics who support federalism. Majority of the conservative law professors are pro-federalism, and the change on the bench in reaction to the shift in academia (albeit a minor shift) has reflected that. While judges are rarely as extreme as their academic counterparts, conservative judges are more likely to construe federal power narrowly, even in cases where it might go against their perceived political positions (Scalia is a good example although he has been less than consistent).

Dershowitz has been supporting replacing marriage with civil unions for a while as a way of getting around the strong opposition of SSM in majority of the states. Even some conservatives have supported something similar (Daniel Crane of Cardozo has a good paper on it).

8/13/2006 12:34 PM  
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